Elementor Edit Screen Frozen or Shows Errors
These solutions are based on Oct. 1 2021: There are multiple reasons that you may not be able to Edit with Elementor. Many times this happens after a WordPress, Elementor or Elementor Pro Update. You can get the first 2 reasons stats from Elementor-Sys Info option in your Dashboard Menu. The top 3 reasons are:

1. WordPress memory is minimal and the plug-ins can not load to enable Editing. The minimal memory for most hosts is 512m. This can be updated through Cpanel in your hosting account under the PHP version area. You can see the Current Memory in Elementor -Sys Info: Wordpress Environment – Memory Limit

2. The next most common issue is that you are not using the correct version of PHP. The correct version right now is PHP 7.4.xxx Anything above or below can cause issue. You can find your version in Elementor – Sys Info: Server Environment: PHP Version This can also be updated in most hosts in the Cpanel PHP area.

3. The third issue is a conflict with an existing Plug-in. Deactivate every plugin other than Elementor and Elementor Pro and see if you are able to enter the Elementor Edit Screen. If you can Edit, go back to Plug-Ins and reactivate 1 at a time until your Edit is blocked again. That will identify the Conflicting Plugin. If the plugin needs updated, initiate the update and see if that solves the issue. If not the plugin is just not compatible with the newer versions of WP, Elementor or E-Pro.

If the above three issues do not correct your issue, it may be related to Cache or Your Browser. Deactivate any Cache Plugins and also clear the Browser Cache and try again.

There are other areas that can cause the inability to Edit but the above issues fix the greater percentage if this problem. As time moves forward the memory and PHP version may progress.
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